Ekante Cottage Booking

Thematic Areas

Rabi Aranya

It has all plants mentioned in the literary works of Rabindranath Tagore. The place is built taking inspiration from Rabindranath’s Shantiniketan raising platforms by serving open-air classroom which is a look-alike of Patha Bhavan in Shantiniketan. There is a class haathour’s bell replicated and named Ghantaghar.

One can feel the essence of Shantiniketan over here with the trees that Tagore mentioned in his books. There are mud huts designed with alpona, which gives you an essence of Bengal’s culture.

The Bard’s Gitanjali has found its place in the form of a stone sculpture. The lotus ponds, swings, and seating arrangements under the trees will make you feel the tranquility of Tagore’s heaven.

Event Rate : 47,000/-, including GST

Time: Open for 24 hours

No. of Rabi Aranya: 1

Location: Near to Gate no. 1

Booking Details: Offline Booking in the Eco Park Office.

Contact Details: 9674014988 (Manager of Eco Park)

Pre-Booking: 6 months to 1 year