Ekante Cottage Booking

Thematic Areas

Eco Island

Feel the cool breeze on the 7-acre land with 22 well-furnished cottages and waterways, restaurants, a banquet hall, and an island visit. You can enter the island through a long wooden boat. The island has a 2800 sq. feet glass house called Utsari, a 2800 square foot glass house with breathtaking views, is located on the island. The location is ideal for hosting events and conferences. Amaze yourself to witness fantasy meeting reality!

Café Ekante offers you varied ranges of the food court to satisfy your hunger, like:

To satisfy your cravings for Bengali Food order from Café Ekante

To satisfy your cravings for Indian Food order from Dhaba Ajante

To satisfy your cravings for Chinese Food order from House Boat

Number of Rooms: 16

Suite: 1

Area: 7 acres.

Location: Near to Gate no. 1 (beside Café Ekante).

Cottage Accommodation Plan

EP Plan: Only Accommodation, Price: 4,000/- + GST.

CP Plan: Accommodation + Breakfast, Price: 5040/- + GST.

MP Plan: Accommodation + Breakfast + One Meal, Price: 6160/- + GST.

For Booking

Booking Details: ecoparknewtown.com/ecoisland/

E-mail: frontoffice@ecoparknewtown.com

Contact: +(91) 8334065345

Time : 12:00 pm – 7:30pm (for normal visitors).

Pre-Booking: Before 24 hours