Ekante Cottage Booking


Café Ekante Cottage

Feel the cool breeze on the 7-acre land with 22 well-furnished cottages and waterways, restaurants, a banquet hall, and island visit. Walk through the long wooden bridge to enter Eco Island. Utsari, a 2800 square foot glass house with breathtaking views, is located on the island. The location is ideal for loading events and conferences.

Number of Rooms: 16

Suite: 1

Area: 7 acres.

Location: Near to Gate no. 1 (beside Café Ekante).

Cottage Accommodation Plan

EP Plan: Only Accommodation, Price: 4,000/- + GST.

CP Plan: Accommodation + Breakfast, Price: 5040/- + GST.

MAP Plan: Accommodation + Breakfast + One Meal, Price: 6160/- + GST.

For Booking

Booking Details: ecoparknewtown.com/ecoisland/

E-mail: frontoffice@ecoparknewtown.com

Contact: +(91) 8334065345

Time : 12:00 pm – 7:30pm (for normal visitors).

Pre-Booking: Before 24 hours